The City now has a purchase and sale agreement with a buyer for the site known as the Red Apple lot. We expect that agreement to close in January. For that reason, we will not be selling any more parking permits for the site. This leaves only the Station Lane lot owned by the City, and it looks like all existing pass holders are renewing for 2020.

That said, we know parking in Sumner is difficult, to say the least. We continue to push for stations like ours to receive more access options, especially feeder routes. For parking, Sound Transit is building the parking garage on the existing lot. We continue to work with them on the garage’s size and to keep this crucial project moving forward. Funding for Sumner’s garage comes from ST2, so it is not affected by the recent I-976 initiative. We know the garage will be at capacity when it is built, no matter how large it is. For street parking, we’ll continue to try to balance the needs of our residents, businesses and commuters with parking areas.  
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