Project Title: Dieringer Well Electrical Panel Procurement, CIP 21-02

Description of Work: Furnish a complete VFD and VFD enclosure (panel) as shown on the City of Sumner Dieringer Well – FVD Upgrade drawings prepared by Follett Engineering dated 6/28/21. The VFD and all wiring within the VFD enclosure shall be shop tested in the presence of the City’s representative at a shop within 45 miles of the City of Sumner.

The City will provide all materials, equipment, and labor for the installation of the panel within the City’s facility.

All work shall be completed in conformance with the 2020 WSDOT Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge and Municipal Construction, and the City of Sumner Development Specifications and Standard Details.

Bid Submittal: Bids must be submitted on the enclosed Proposal and be completed in the itemized format for each item of work and material required to produce the finished product(s). Bids must be emailed Jason Van Gilder, Associate City Engineer, at .

Bids are due by 11 AM, Wednesday, August 18th, 2021 Prevailing Wages Are Required To Be Paid

A formal bid opening will not be held. Upon selection of a contractor, a summary of all bids received for this project will be sent to contractors submitting a proposal and will be made available on the City of Sumner website at

Addendum (issued 8/3/21)

This Addendum #1, containing the following revisions, additions, deletions and/or clarifications is hereby made part of the Plan and Contract Documents for the above-named project. Bidders shall take this Addendum into consideration when preparing and submitting their bids and it shall be attached to the Contract Documents.

Bid Tabulation (08/24/21)

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