The City recognizes the importance of hiring and maintaining an educated and motivated workforce to continue meeting and progressing the organization’s objectives.  A DEI Training Program is one tool among many that will provide City employees an opportunity to recognize, respect and value the differences that lead to innovative approaches to their work and promote diverse thought.

Key Components of Proposal

Awareness Training – Design and conduct DEI Awareness Training for City employees, senior leaders and elected officials.

Toolkit and Recommendations – Develop specific recommendations for a comprehensive DEI employee training program for the City, which should include both in-person and online training components for all staff with an emphasis on community outreach and engagement.   


The City requests proposals from consultant firms with expertise in providing initial DEI Awareness Training as well as professional consulting services in the area of DEI training program development. The City is seeking support with the development of a City-wide DEI Training Program for our DEI Committee through a DEI Training Toolkit.

DEI Awareness Training should be designed to increase understanding of individual, institutional, and structural discrimination, and how all levels of discrimination impact social conditions.

Proposal Specifications

The training should specifically address:

  1. Systemic Racism – what is it and how to recognize it
  2. Implicit/Uncounscious Bias – how it shows up and how to recognize it
  3. How to Start to Undo Bias
  4. Micro-Agressions – how to recognize them and hot to respond when encountering them
  5. Cultural Awareness and Inclusion

 Selection Criteria

The following factors will be considered in evaluating proposals:

  • Consultant’s experience in the field of DEI analysis, training and training program implementation
  • Prior relevant projects or experience in organizations of similar or greater size
  • Previous civic or governmental work experience
  • Thoroughness and understanding of the tasks to be completed
  • Knowledge and expertise of individuals that will work on the projects
  • Readiness, availability, and familiarity with the geographic area
  • A proven track record of providing quality work on time
  • Timeline required to accomplish the requested services
  • Cost for services
  • Response of references


The proposal should include the following elements:

  • A work plan describing methodologies, approaches, and roles and responsibilities for how the work will be accomplished
  • Detailed description of proposed deliverables and outcomes
  • Timeline for each proposed deliverable
  • Estimated costs and cost methodology
  • Experience providing consulting services, and experience working for government agencies
  • Experience and philosophy regarding your work as part of a multicultural/multiracial team
  • Professional training and short bios of the proposed project team members clearly outlining their roles in the proposed work
  • A sample list of past and current clients


Proposals must be received by the City by 4:00 p.m. PST, June 25, 2021. 

The proposer is responsible for ensuring and confirming the completeness of the delivery.


Proposals shall be submitted electronically in .pdf format to Communications Coordinator Joseph McKinney  josephm@sumnerwa.gov or delivered to the following address:

City of Sumner
Attn: Joseph McKinney, Communications Coordinator
1104 Maple Street, Suite 200
Sumner, WA 98390

Any questions regarding this Request for Proposal should be directed to Joseph McKinney at the above email address or by calling 253-299-5504.