City of Sumner General Banking Services
Finance Department

The City of Sumner invites sealed proposals for general banking services. Responses will be
received and time stamped at the City of Sumner City Hall by the City Clerk, located at 1104
Maple Street, Sumner WA 98390.

Proposals will be received until 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, February 10, 2017. Proposals
will be opened, logged, and forwarded to the Chief Financial Officer for further review and
evaluation. Proposals will not be read aloud.

Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), cities and counties are required to bank
with a qualified public depositary (RCW 39.58.080). In code cities, the bank is designated by the
City Council. As a code city, staff will make a recommendation to the Finance and Personnel
Committee, for adoption by the full City Council.

Questions about this solicitation shall be directed to Kassandra Raymond, Chief Financial
Officer, in accordance with “Inquiries to Invitation to Proposal” listed in this document.

Request for Proposals

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