Why is the City of Puyallup working in Sumner?

Salmon springs provides the City of Puyallup with 60% of their water. Their existing water line has been operating since 1906 and is an aging piece of infrastructure.  Puyallup will be installing a new 24 inch water main that runs from East Valley Highway to the north end of Parker Road.

View the project map here: Project Map

Where will the work take place?

Work will primarily be completed in sidewalks, planter strips, driveway approaches and a few road crossings roads.

What’s going to be done about the damage to sidewalks, roads and planter strips?

Any grass that is removed as part of this project will be replaced with sod to ensure the impact to the planter strip is immediately repaired. All sections of sidewalk and road that are cut will be replaced with new sections that meet City of Sumner’s standards.

Are any street trees being removed?

The contractor will do their best to work around trees; however, some street trees will need to be removed. The City of Puyallup will be required to replant any tree that is removed as part of this project.

Will access to my driveway be blocked during the project?

Access to driveways will be temporary blocked while work is being completed in the driveway approach and while new cement is curing. The contractor will provide at least two days notice prior to work being started around resident’s driveways.

Does work on a new water line mean my utilities will be turned off?

Sumner and Puyallup’s water lines are separate and there are no planned disruptions to resident’s utilities during construction. In the event a utility line is damaged during the project, it is possible that a temporary disruption to services could occur; however, we don’t anticipate this happening.

Contact Us

For additional questions or concerns please contact Scott Waller, assistant Planner 253.299.5527 scottw@sumnerwa.gov or visit the permit center at Sumner City Hall, 1104 Maple St, Sumner, WA 98390.

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