From Mayor Bill Pugh:

One of the best moments is when two good things come together to make something truly special. We’re partnering this year with the non-profit Degrees of Change and their program Seed Internships. They focus on recruiting students from Pierce County who are studying at colleges around the region for internships available at partner businesses. The City of Sumner is now one of those partner businesses. We get applicants from a wider, more diverse pool and in turn, get to give local students the experience of working at a city. Over the summer, the interns will spend four days each week learning from our staff and one day getting professional development from Seed.

In their own words, “Seed Internships invests in the vibrant future of Pierce County by identifying exceptional local college students and recent grads from underrepresented backgrounds and matching them with local employers. Seed partners…combine internship experiences with professional development curriculum all while building a sustainable pipeline of talent for partners seeking to build more inclusive, diverse workplaces. The ultimate goal for Seed [Internships] is to be a conduit for local students and local organizations to find each other, learn from one another, and build the community they want to see.”

Speaking as both a mayor and someone retired from a life-long career in cities, students aren’t often aware of the opportunities available in local government, aside from wanting to be a police officer or a firefighter. We offer great careers in HR, finance, engineering, legal, communication, planning, environmental protection…the list goes on. This investment helps us connect with those students, including from traditionally underrepresented demographics, to build future leaders. Participants may come back to work for us in five years or even in 25 years. Even if they don’t, they take that connection with us into whatever field they choose. The point is that we’re actively developing the future of our most important asset–our staff.

We are the first Sumner business to partner with Seed Internships and only the second local government. (Tacoma Public Utilities is already a partner.) Please take a look at this program, especially if you’re a business or have college-age students, and join us in planting the seeds now.

Mayor Bill Pugh

P.S. I’m giving you a lot of information below. If you have a few moments, watch the video as Christian shares what Degrees of Change does from the students’ perspective. Also use the buttons to watch the presentation at the start of our Council Study Session and visit the Seed Internship webpages.

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