If you would like to complain about a possible code violation:
1.  Print and fill out a City Complaint Form from the Public Records & Forms page (link).  Forms are also available at City Hall.
2.  Sign and date form.
3.  Mail or deliver to City Hall at 1104 Maple Street, Sumner, WA 98390.

What happens next/process if you have received a code violation:

1.  Once the City receives the complaint, it will be routed to the appropriate department (see list below).  If your complaint regards an emergency situation, one that appears to be an immediate threat to public health and safety, it will be investigated immediately.

Type of Complaint  

Construction in right-of-way
Hazardous street or sidewalk
Building complaints   Nuisances
Rodents or health hazards
Dumping on private property
Zoning code violation
Violation of permit conditions


City Engineer
City Engineer
Building Official
Building Official
Building Official/Pierce Co. Health Dept.
Building Official/Pierce Co. Health Dept.
Community Development Director
Community Development Director

2.  The Code Enforcement Officer from the appropriate department will investigate to determine if a code violation exists.  If no violations exists, the officer will complete the “Official Use Only” portion of the complaint form and return it to the Permit Specialist.

3.  If a violation exists, the officer will draft a letter to the property owner explaining the violation, citing the appropriate code section(s) and requesting correction within a reasonable period of time (usually 10 days).  The letter will be delivered to the property owner or sent by certified mail – return receipt requested.

4.  Once the letter has been delivered, the Permit Specialist will schedule an appropriate re-inspection of the property.

5.  The officer will re-inspect the property.  If the appropriate abatement has been accomplished, the officer will approve the abatement on an inspection form noting that the violations have been corrected and “No further action at this time.”

6.  Should the violation remain, the officer will draft a second letter to the property owner, ordering abatement of the violation within ten days, noting that failure to comply will result in the matter being referred to the City Attorney for appropriate legal action. The letter will be delivered/mailed as the first was.

Contact Us

For information on obtaining building permits in the City of Sumner, please contact Allison Judge, Permit Specialist, 253-299-5530, allisonj@sumnerwa.gov.

To schedule inspections, please call the 24-hour inspection line at 253 299-5530.

For more information on code issues, please contact the Building Official at 253-299-5522  or rickk@sumnerwa.gov.

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