Rate changes effective October 1, 2020

Permit Base Fee:

  • Commercial/Industrial-$100.00
  • Residential-$50.00

Inspection Fee:

2 hours x Current Inspector Burdened Rate (Minimum)-$150.00
Additional inspection as warranted: # hours x Staff Burdened Rate

Plan Review Fee:

1 hour x Current Engineer Burdened Rate (Minimum)-$110.00
In-house plan review fee + # hours x Current Engineer Burdened Rate
Third-party review fees as billed to City, including City administrative costs

Burdened rate for City staff:

Associate Engineer -$110.00
Engineering Technician -$75.00

System Development Charge

per equivalent service unit (ESU)-$3,116.08

singe family residence = 1.0 ESU per unit
multi-family residence = 0.8 ESU per unit after 1st unit
accessory dwelling units = 0.8 ESU


Includes one permit for TESC, grading and filling, and all non-structure site improvements
((# impervious square feet/3,100 sf) x $SDC)


Includes separate TESC permit before the Site Development permit
TESC Phase: (# square feed of disturbed land/1,000) x $20

SITE Phase:

((# impervious square feet/3,100 sf) x $SDC) – $SDC collected during TESC phase

Contact Us

Allison Judge, Permit Specialist, 253-299-5530, allisonj@sumnerwa.gov

To schedule inspections, please call the 24-hour inspection line at 253 299-5530.

For more information on code issues, please contact the Building Official at 253-299-5522 or rickk@sumnerwa.gov.

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