Rate change effective October 1, 2020

The total fee for permit approval shall be the sum of the below elements. An additional 25% shall be added to the total permit for applications outside the City limits for water system fees. (Ord. No. 1820)

Permit Base Fee:

  • Residential water service permit-$195.00
  • Commercial or industrial water service permit-$225.00
  • Fire hydrant-$195.00
  • Sprinkler system connection-$250.00
  • Cross connection control:
    • Residential irrigation system -$125.00
    • All other systems -$175.00

Inspection Fee:

2 hours x Current Inspector Burdened Rate (Minimum)-$150.00
Additional inspection as warranted: # hours x Staff Burdened Rate
(((Frontage Linear Feet/250) x 4) + 10) x Current Inspector Burdened Rate
Purity test
– Initial Test -$35.00
– First retake/additional retake -$35.00

Plan Review Fee:

1   hour x Current Engineer Burdened Rate (Minimum)-$110.00
In-house plan review fee + # hours x Current Engineer Burdened Rate
Third-party review fees as billed to City, including City administrative costs

Burdened rate for City staff:

Associate Engineer -$110.00
Engineering Technician -$75.00

System Development Charge

per equivalent residential unit (ERU):

Single family dwelling and the first unit per building for multi-family-$6,414.93
Every other unit per building in multi-family dwellings as ¾ of an ERU

Each industrial customer based on 3.50 ERU per acre-$22,452.30

Meter size in inches
3/4″ $6,414.93
1″ $16,037.35
1 1/2″ $32,074.75
2″ $51,319.56
3″ $96,244.17
4″ $160,351.47
6″ $320,747.27
8″ $513,195.64

Water meter only installation:

Water tap supplies and water meter shall be installed by the Public Works Dept.:

Contact Us

Allison Judge, Permit Specialist, 253-299-5530, allisonj@sumnerwa.gov

To schedule inspections, please call the 24-hour inspection line at 253 299-5530.

For more information on code issues, please contact the Building Official at 253-299-5522 or rickk@sumnerwa.gov.

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