Did I really use THAT much water?

If you notice your water consumption has increased or if it has gradually been getting bigger throughout several billing cycles, you may have a leak. Check all your faucets and water mechanisms to see if they are tightly fitted. If your toilet runs or your kitchen faucet drips, this could cause a lot of water loss. Each drip is small, but it leads to big water consumption over time, costing you money and the environment wasted water.

How do I determine if I have a leak?

  1. Make sure that all the water is off in your home, including the washing machine and dishwashers.
  2. Go out to your water meter in the ground and see if the dial is moving.
  3. If the dial moves at all and you are sure no water on your property is on, then you have a leak somewhere from where your plumbing starts at the meter to anywhere in your system throughout the property or home. (Crawl spaces under the home are notorious for baffling homeowners who have leaks, so be sure to check there also.)

I have found my leak, and it is repaired, now what?

The City of Sumner has a leak adjustment policy that will give you a break on your bill. Here’s how it works:

1. Fill out the Leak Adjustment Form and attach copies of any receipts you have regarding the leak fix.  Click here to link to the Leak Adjustment Form on the Forms page under “Utilities.”
Send the completed form and copies to us:
By mail to City of Sumner Utilities, 1104 Maple Street, Sumner WA 98390
By fax to 253-299-5509
By e-mail to utilities@sumnerwa.gov

2. Once we receive this information, we will send a Public Works Operator to your home to verify that the leak is fixed.

3. With the Operator’s approval we will proceed with the adjustment. Some things to note about the adjustment:
– The adjustment will be for only two months within one year.
– We use an average of what your consumption normally is or what it was last year during the same time. We subtract this figure from the leak reading and split the difference with you on the water and sewer charges.
– This process normally takes about a month before you see a credit on your bill. Sometimes we may be overwhelmed with requests and this might delay the process.

City of Sumner Utilities
253-299-5546                        utilities@sumnerwa.gov

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