Officers Patton (above) and Houselog received an award from ADT for interupting a home invasion in progress.

Sumner officers received an award from ADT for interupting a home invasion in progress thanks to an alarm.


If you are installing a new burglar alarm for a business or home, you must register the alarm with Sumner Police.  This is a one-time only requirement.

Click here to access Police Common Forms, including the burglar alarm registration form.

Preventing False Alarms

Responding to false alarms can unnecessarily cost Sumner – and its taxpayers – money each year. In addition, officers responding to these false alarms are not able to respond to actual emergencies or conduct preventative patrols.

Make sure you and all employees, residents and guests are trained on how to use your alarm system. Secure all of your windows and doors before activating your alarm.

Know and rehearse the process for cancelling an accidental alarm. Notify your alarm company immediately if you have any problems with your system.  Put the alarm company’s phone number in a place that is easy for you to spot but not obvious to an intruder.

Be aware of common problems that can lead to false alarms, such as

  • failing backup batteries
  • malfunctioning systems
  • open, unlocked or loose fitting doors and windows
  • party decorations such as helium-filled balloons or streamers
  • wandering pets