The following information is intended to provide basic information regarding the process of applying for a concealed pistol license (CPL).  If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call or stop by.

Getting a CPL during the coronavirus pandemic

We are happy to begin processing new (original) CPLs by appointment only.  You must adhere to the following guidelines for a successful process.  Failure to follow these instructions properly may result in delays or a denial of your application.

For new (original) licenses:

  • Call Sumner Police to make an appointment at 253-863-6384.  Please be patient as staffing is limited, and volumes are expected to be high.
  • Appointments will be available on Tuesdays with limited times slots between 9 am and 4 pm.
  • The applicant’s current residential address MUST be within Sumner’s city limits.  Residents of other cities/areas must apply with their agency of jurisdiction.
  • Bring a fully completed Concealed Pistol Licenses Application.
  • Bring your driver’s license or state-issued identification card.
  • Bring the appropriate payment (cash, check, or money order only).
  • Do not bring anybody else (children/pets/etc) to the appointment. 
  • Face mask usage is REQUIRED at all times.
  • If you are feeling sick or showing symptoms, stay home and reschedule.
  • If there are cuts or injuries to your fingers, we will be unable to take prints.
  • Applicants should arrive at City Hall’s front doors no earlier than five minutes before their appointment time. 
  • Applicants who do not arrive on time or miss their appointment will need to reschedule.
  • Hand-washing will be required before fingerprinting.
  • Do NOT use hand-sanitizer before the appointment, as it may adversely affect print quality.

For Renewal, Late Renewal or Replacement Licenses:

  • The applicant’s current residential address MUST be within Sumner’s city limits.  Residents of other cities/areas must apply with their agency of jurisdiction.
  • Please review the table (below) to determine which application you qualify for.
  • Download and print the application (link below) and fill it out completely.
  • Make a copy of your driver’s license or state-issued identification card.
  • Make a copy of your current CPL card, if available.
  • Write a check or money order for the appropriate amount (see table below), payable to the CITY OF SUMNER.
  • Place all four items (application, copy of ID, copy of CPL card, and payment) into an envelope and mail it to the police department at 1104 Maple St, Sumner WA 98390
  • Please ensure that your send your documentation with plenty of time for payment processing.  If you send us renewal documents and your license expires before we process your payment, you will be liable for the late renewal fee.
  • If you are unsure or have questions, please call us first.

Who can apply for a CPL at the Sumner Police Department?

Residents who live within Sumner’s city limits may submit their application to the Sumner Police Department or the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office (through South Sound 911).

If you live in unincorporated areas, you must apply with your local Sheriff’s Office.  If you live in another city’s limits, you may apply with that police department or the local Sheriff’s Office. These restrictions are set by law.  If you are unsure whether your address is within the Sumner city limits, please call us at 253-863-6384 and we can check for you.

What will I need to bring with me?

  • Concealed Pistol Licenses Application (print and fill out in advance or at the Police Station)
  • Government-issued ID (valid driver’s license, passport, etc.)
  • Permanent Resident Alien Card, if applicable
  • Payment (cash or check only)
  • Your old CPL, if available (for renewals)

How much does it cost?

If You:Apply For:Cost:
Never had a CPL, or are expired past 90 daysOriginal$49.25
Are still valid, and within 90 days of expirationRenewal$32
Have expired, but not by more than 90 daysLate-Renewal$42
Lost your CPL, or wish to update your infoReplacement$10
CPL payments are non-refundable – please ensure you meet all requirements before submitting your application.

Do I have to get fingerprinted and is there a background check?

Fingerprints are taken for original licenses only.  Sumner PD provides CPL fingerprinting by appointment only on Tuesdays during limited hours.  Please call us to inquire about times and dates.  A background check is also completed – if you are unsure of your eligibility, you may wish to consult an attorney before applying.

For safety and security reasons, we can only allow the applicant into the fingerprinting area.  Please leave non-service animals and minor children at home and/or with a responsible adult while you are here as we cannot be responsible for them.

Do I have to do the paperwork, make the payment, and do fingerprinting all at once?

Most people find it easiest to make a fingerprinting appointment and do the paperwork/payment when they come in for that.  While you may submit your application and payment first and do the fingerprints later, your application will not be processed until all the requirements are met.

How long will it take?

Processing may take up to 30 days (60 days for non-residents).  If approved, we will mail your CPL to the address on your application.

Contact Us

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