The Citizen Self Service website is available for you to use to report non-emergency incidents.  If you are experiencing or witnessing an emergency, call 911 now.

Please follow through these guidelines to see if it’s an option for you to use.  This is an additional tool.  If you feel more comfortable, you are always welcome to call or visit the Sumner Police.

When to Use This Option

Citizen Self Service is an option for you if you are reporting:
– A crime that has already been committed
– You have no suspects or witnesses
– No one was injured
– A crime happened within the City of Sumner


This is NOT the correct option for you if
– The crime is in progress
– The crime is an emergency
– Someone has been injured
STOP: Call 911 now if any of the above apply

In addition, the self service is not your best option if
– There is a suspect
– There is a witness
– The crime happened outside the City of Sumner.
If these apply, please call the non-emergency number at 253-863-6384.

What Kinds of Reports

Citizen Self Service is an option for you if you are reporting one of the following:
– Lost property
– Vandalism
– Stolen property (except those items listed to the right)

Please call the non-emergency number at 253-863-6384 if you’re reporting one of the following so that we can talk to you in person:
– Lost guns, passport or military ID
– Vehicle hit and run
– Vehicle accident
– Stolen vehicle, license plate or guns

How to Use This Report

Given the guidelines above, if Citizen Self Service is a good option for you, please continue.

  1. You will be asked to fill out a series of questions concerning your incident on a secure website.
  2. You will need to provide a valid mailing and/or e-mail address.
  3. Officers will receive your report and let you know whether or not your report has been rejected or accepted.
  4. If rejected, you will receive a notice letting you know why.
  5. If accepted, you will receive a notice with a confirmation number.  Your case will be added to the Police Department’s system and processed as usual.

Get Started Now

Contact Us

Sumner Police Department
1104 Maple Street, Suite 140, Sumner WA 98390
Business Line: 253-863-6384   Tip Line: 253-299-5678
Animal Control: 253-299-PETS (7387)
FAX:  253-299-5669

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