Notice of Application and SEPA Determination

Notice is hereby given that the City of Sumner Environmental Official has received a SEPA Checklist and application for a proposed update to citywide regulations related to Short Plats and Pipestem Lots as described below.  

The public may provide written comments before the deadline of December 21, 2022 by 5:00PM to The public has the right to review the contents of the official file for the proposal, provide written comments, participate in the public hearings/meetings, and request a copy of the final decision.

Proposal Name: Update Of Citywide Regulations – Short Plats and Pipestem Lots

Proposal Description: SEPA environmental review for an update to regulations in the Subdivision Code and Zoning Code to raise the threshold for a short subdivision to 9 lots, allow pipestem lot short subdivisions to have up to 4 lots, to update access standards to allow a shared driveway for up to 4 dwellings and allow a narrow private drive aisle for up to 9 dwellings. Proposed code changes also include: Allowing pipestem lot sizes and building height to be the same as all lots in the zone, and adjusting setbacks for pipestem lot development, and establishing a maximum lot size for new single-family dwellings in Medium- and High-Density Residential zones. There is no project associated with this proposed code update.

Location / Parcel(s) #: City-wide

Permit Application #: SEPA-2022-0015

Applicant/Proponent: City of Sumner

Hearing Date and Time: None for the SEPA application

SEPA Environmental Review: DNS (Determination of Non-Significance) was issued 12/7/22

Hearing Location & Virtual Meeting Link: n/a

Comment Period: Opens December 7, 2022 – closes December 21, 2022 5:00pm
Any persons desiring to comment on this application may submit written comments to the City of Sumner, Attn: Ann Siegenthaler, 1104 Maple Street, Suite 250, Sumner, WA 98390 or by the above deadline(s). There will not be a public hearing on this proposal. A notice for a public hearing on the code amendments will be under separate notice. Please call Community Development at 253-299-5520 with any questions.

Associated Documents:

Other Required Approvals: Planning Commission, City Council, and other state and federal standards.

Staff Contact: Comments/questions: Ann Siegenthaler 253-299-5520 or

Date of Application: 11/22/22

Complete Application: 11/28/22

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