Purpose: Give Sumner businesses a bit more amplification to drive sales now while using a common message to cross-promote.

Secondary Goal: Learn more about social media ad trends and what works best for Sumner businesses.

How it works:

  1. Local Sumner businesses register for this program with the City using this Grant Registration Form. We only have enough funding for 50 grants, which will be allocated on a first come, first served basis based on fully completed registrations received. We want to confirm businesses are approved before they spend the money.
  2. Businesses approved for the grant choose whatever promotion works best for them—i.e. online sales, products posted to Instagram, Facebook Live events, promotion codes, etc. All promotions and sales must be in keeping with the Governor’s Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order and the Safe Start Reopening Plan.
  3. Each business creates their own ad and must include either the Open in Sumner logo or use the overlay, both available online.
  4. The text of the ad must also include #OpeninSumner. Other suggested options you can use along with #OpeninSumner include #WeLoveSumner and #ExperienceSumner.
  5. The business uses their own account to place the ad as they think it will work best, choosing demographics and geography that will best suit their sales needs.
  6. Businesses may choose one campaign or multiple campaigns but either way, each business must submit for reimbursement only once. If doing multiple smaller campaigns, businesses can save up the reports for one submittal.
  7. Once the results are in, the business submits the brief Reimbursement Form and a screenshot of the post.
  8. The City will reimburse the business for what they spent to boost their ad up to $250. The City will only reimburse for dollars spent to boost the ad. Staff time, design work, etc. are not eligible for reimbursement.
  9. Businesses are welcome to spend more of their own money if they’d like to further boost their ad(s).

All Sumner businesses are encouraged to use #OpeninSumner and the logo as much as possible in free postings. The City will do the same.

Open in Sumner

Learn more about the Open in Sumner coalition and efforts for cross-promotion.

Resources for Businesses

Learn more about resources available regionally for local Sumner businesses.

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