Several concerned businesses have forwarded to the City of Sumner a flyer that they have received (shown below).  It seems this for-profit business has been soliciting Sumner properties, offering their services for assistance with stormwater management plans.  While the City of Sumner appreciates any effort to keep our stormwater clean; unfortunately, this business has used the City of Sumner’s logo and name without permission, giving the impression that they are working with the City.

Please note that the City of Sumner does not in any way endorse nor partner with this firm for this paid service.  In fact, we offer the same support for free.  Any Sumner businesses wanting assistance with their Stormwater Maintenance Agreement Report, or to see if they even qualify for this program in the first place, should contact Robby Wright, the City of Sumner’s Local Source Control Specialist, at 253-299-5708 or  He will come to your business and work with you at no cost

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