After two years, the final piece of Sumner’s Decant Facility has been completed.

What is a decant facility? It’s a covered structure, located by our Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility that allows us to properly manage all of the stuff we sweep off the streets and suck out of storm drains. By putting all the debris under cover at the Decant Facility, we save the City (and you) money by letting all the liquids flow to the Treatment Facility, making the dry stuff we finally dispose weigh less, and then cost less.

While the liquid from the debris goes to the Treatment Facility, the final piece installed was a new stormwater treatment pond that take runoff from the new facility’s roof to soak into the ground instead of flow directly to the river where it has the potential to harm salmon.

Thanks to the State Department of Ecology for giving us a Stormwater Financial Assistance Program grant to help with design and construction of the facility.