Whenever the Northwest gets snow, it brings up some questions. Here are the usual ones:

What roads do you plow first?

  • First Priority: Forest Canyon Road, Sumner-Tapps Highway, Traffic Avenue and 24th Street interchange with SR 167
  • Second Priority: all bridges including 142nd Avenue E and Cannery Way
  • Third Priority: the rest of 24th Street, 142nd Ave E, East Valley and West Valley Highways
  • Fourth Priority: Main Street, Valley Avenue, Puyallup Street and Fryar Avenue

Why don’t you plow my street too?
Plowing works great for vehicles on the road but not so great for trying to get onto a roadway. Plows actually do not remove snow but push it to the side, making a wall of snow in front of driveways. Plowing sidestreets, especially those with a lot of residential homes, tends to trap people in more than help them get out.

Why don’t you shovel my sidewalk?
City has limited staffing. Weather events like snow usually mean long shifts just to keep up with our roads. We leave the sidewalks to you!

What if my pipes freeze?
Whether or not we get snow, the temperatures are dropping to record lows. Take steps to keep your pipes from freezing. If they do freeze, call City Shops at 253-299-5740 to come turn off your water meter for you. Most residents panic in this situation and break the meter, trying to turn it off themselves in a hurry. You don’t need that extra hassle and expense of replacing your meter. Call us first!