PrintTired of finding unexpected “land mines” throughout Sumner and even in your own yard?  The City of Sumner is partnering with Sumner Veterinary Hospital to remind all dog owners of their Call of Dooty.  Here’s a few responses to common excuses for not doo-ing it.

“No one will know, right?”  In this day of cell phones and security cameras, are you sure?  Leaving pet waste on anyone else’s property (including the City’s parks and roadways) carries a $257 fine.  Pretty steep gamble to avoid a little unpleasantness!

“It’s in my own yard, so it’s fine.”  It’s actually not.  Rain washes it into the rivers and Puget Sound through the storm system, sending that feces that you don’t want to touch right where people swim, kayak, fish, etc.  Ewww.  

“The City bag dispenser is empty, so I’m off the hook.”  The City tries to provide these as a courtesy, but they often get misused.  It is the owner’s responsibility to scoop it and trash it no matter what helpful amenities are, or are not, available at the moment.  Any bag will do–used sandwich bags, newspaper wrappers, shopping bags, etc.  

You can help spread the word!  Sumner Veterinary Hospital is providing “Dooty Free Zone” yard signs that you can put in your yard to discourage unwanted “presents.”  Stop by the Hospital at 16024 60th Street E to pick up your free sign, while supplies last.

Puget_Sound_Starts_HereWhy does Sumner care so much about keeping pet waste from laying around?  Aside from the obvious drawbacks, pet waste left out pollutes local streams, rivers, and eventually Puget Sound, the same water systems that everyone relies on for drinking, fishing and recreation.  Click here for more things you can do to keep our waterways clean with Puget Sound Starts Here.