This weekend, October 31 and November 1, we’re closing Traffic Avenue to do the final paving to get the new lanes into use. Here’s what’s closed and when.

Saturday, October 31, 4 am-7 pm: the Traffic Avenue intersection on the south side of the bridge and eastbound SR 410 On/Off ramps will be closed.

Sunday, November 1, 6 am-7 pm: the Traffic Avenue and Thompson Street intersection on the north side of the bridge as well as the Westbound SR 410 On/Off ramps will be closed.

Use Valley Avenue/SR 410 or other alternate route.

Why the last-minute closures? Traffic volumes have been growing lately, and especially the evening of October 28, we knew we had to get this new bridge and its lanes of traffic in use as soon as possible. This paving work was originally scheduled to take place the following week, but we have an opportunity to take advantage of dry weather over a weekend and minimize further impacts to traffic during weekdays. We apologize for the late notice, but if we don’t do this, there is a potential we can’t do the final paving to bring the new bridge online until next spring, and we’re not even going to take that chance.

More information about the Traffic Avenue interchange project and upcoming anticipated traffic impacts.

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