In February, we upgraded to a better utility billing system.

If you pay by check, all your normal payment options remain available with no changes. However, your paper bill does look different and hopefully provides you information about your utility use that’s easier to read.

If you pay online & didn’t register last month, you do have to register with the new system to pay online. Most customers are getting tripped up by the fact that you have to register your name “LAST NAME, FIRST NAME”. We couldn’t change that. Also, you must register first and then you can select options to receive future bills by email only or email and mail. Link to pay online

If you registered & paid online last month and selected bills to be emailed to you, double check your Junk folder. We’re hearing that some customers’ bills are going in there since it’s a new email address for your system. You’ll want to accept that as a valid email address to avoid this issue in the future.

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