Transitioning to the new online utility bill system has not been the smoothest. We’ve had issues on our side, trying to get it to work right, and we appreciate your patience through the transition. We have learned some tips for your end to help you navigate the change most successfully:

  1. Make sure you are using the new website. Click here to begin.
  2. Once your account is set up using the new website, please bookmark the new site and delete the old one from your web browser’s Favorites.
  3. Watch the tutorial or read through the instructions. (Quite a few people, me included, do not like to read instructions, but they are important.)
  4. Make sure to input your name as all Capital letters; last name first, then the comma, then a space, then the first name (followed by a space, the & sign, another space, and the other person’s first name if it is a joint account). Examples:  SMITH, JOHN or SMITH, JOHN & JUDY
  5. Your statements will be sent via mail as the default. If you would like to have your statements emailed, you will need to change your billing preferences, once they have successfully logged in.  
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