Did the sewer portion of your bill change this month?

Yes, why?

Every June the City recalculates your sewer rates for each individual residential property.


Calculations are based on water that you used in the prior six months (November through May). This sets your sewer rate for the next twelve months.  If you used less water this year compared to last year, then the sewer portion of your bill will decrease (unless you are were already at or below the minimum base rate). Similarly, the bill will increase if you used more water this year.

Is there a meter on my sewer you can read?

No, we don’t meter the sewer, just the water.  We calculate your sewer bill this way because typically all water used in the winter enters our sewer system and needs to be treated.  Now that your sewer rate has been established, it will not increase due to your increased summer water use for things like irrigating.

What if I had a leak?

If you had a water leak during this time, please use a leak adjustment form. Click here to access the form online or pick one up at City Hall. With your proof of repair provided, we can make the necessary rate adjustments.

I have more questions.

Give us a call at 253-299-5546 or email us at utilities@sumnerwa.gov.

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