Sound Transit is deciding how to spend $50 million of their System Access Fund. Sumner is in the running for two projects: Sumner Station Safe Sidewalk/Bike Enhancements and Rivergrove Community Pedestrian Bridge.

Safe Sidewalk/Bike Enhancements

The Safe Sidewalk/Bike Enhancements provides $1.5 million to develop pedestrian and bicycle east-west corridors around the station including

  • Curb bulbs on Academy and Maple Streets
  • Full Pedestrian Signal across Traffic Avenue at Maple
  • High visibility in-pavement crosswalk enhancements across Main at Alder
  • Bike lanes on Academy Street.

Rivergrove Community Pedestrian Bridge

The Rivergrove Community Pedestrian Bridge builds a pedestrian bridge over SR 410, connecting the Rivergrove area with the Station, Downtown, the schools and parks for easy access walking or biking without having to go onto SR 162. This greatly benefits the Rivergrove area but also builds one more step to connecting us to the Foothills Trail to avoid the Orting Highway altogether.

How do you fit into this? Sound Transit is asking the entire region to vote on all project applications by August 23. There are many worthy projects across the entire region, including in Sumner’s Pierce County subarea. Whether or not you ride Sound Transit, either or both of these improvements would make one giant leap forward in Sumner being walkable and bike-able throughout the city–including Rivergrove–without needing cars.

How to Vote

You can see the overview of the Fund by clicking here.

You can see and vote for Sumner’s projects in the Pierce subarea by clicking here.