Through our record-breaking hot, dry summer, Sumner’s water supply has been holding up well. We are VERY lucky. Although we’ve seen high use rates, right now, we remain in the “Every Day” stage. Yet, we never want to waste this precious resource. Should we ever need to go into conservation stages, we’re ready.

Any conservation effort is a partnership with you, the users. Here’s how our plan maps out the stages, which we would announce through our website and social media. Again, this is only if we need these steps in the future, but If you want to take some conservation steps now to save yourself a few dollars on your utility bill, that works too.


You Should
– Fix leaks as quickly as possible.
– Water landscaping at night/early morning to reduce loss to evaporation.
– Plan landscaping for water savings i.e. putting shade loving plants in shade, relying on native plant species.

We Routinely
– Monitor the water system for leaks in pipes or valves.
– Get phone alerts when there’s unusual activity in the water system.
– Water the parks at night.


You Should
– Take showers instead of baths & use the 4-minute playlist.
– Run wash only when loads are full.
– Reuse water when possible i.e. buckets in showers to water plants.
– Wash cars on lawns.
– Sweep driveways/sidewalks instead of wash.

We Will
– Increase leak detection & repair.
– Suspend system maintenance that uses a lot of water.
– Limit hydrant use to fires only.

STAGE 2 – SAVE 10-15%

You Must
– Water landscaping alternate days: odd-number addresses water on days alternating with even-number addresses.
– Stop washing cars, except at commercial car washes.

We Will
– Identify and talk to high use customers based on meter readings.
– Visit homes/businesses where people are violating restrictions.

STAGE 3 – SAVE 20-40%

You Must
– Limit your water use only to domestic potable use.
– Stop all external watering.
– Stop any activity that uses significant water.

We Will
– Look for violations.
– Personally inspect houses for leaks.
– Enforcement/possible fines
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