Thankfully, everyone is adjusting to minimize coronavirus, but whether you’re by yourself or with a family, the question remains, what can you still do in the weeks ahead? Here are some Sumner-centric ideas. Remember with all of them to stay home if you have any symptoms or any of your household has any symptoms and continue to practice social distancing and hand-washing.

  • Stop by Cascade Regional Blood Center and donate critical blood (if you can).
  • Walk or bike the Sumner Link Trail. Don’t have a bike? Now’s a good time to shop the Bonney Lake Bicycle Shop in Sumner.
  • Finish your taxes.
  • Get a cup o’ joe & scone at your favorite coffee shop.
  • Try kayaking.
  • Phone a friend you haven’t talked to in a really long time.
  • Get a new novel at A Good Book and enjoy it at home in front of the fire.
  • Try out Loyalty Park’s new pickleball court (bring your own net, ball and paddles, available at many stores). And sorry, you’re sharing with the basketball players.
  • Try cooking or baking something new. Need new supplies? Visit Simple Tidings & Kitchen.
  • Catch up on the projects with Sumner Connects and share some feedback.
  • Learn a new language. (Travel will come back!)
  • Support a local non-profit with an online gift. Many rely on this time of year for their annual fundraisers, so they will be hit hardest when they need resources & funding the most. Extra bonus? Giving to a charity is proven to lift your spirits!
  • Walk down Main Street during the day and just listen to the tunes.
  • Order a meal to go from your favorite restaurant or try something new! **Great tip circulating social media: if you’re really worried about isolation, order gift cards from restaurants so they get the cash flow now, and you get to enjoy the food later!
  • Stop into a local florist–like Van Lierop’s Garden Market or Windmill Floral Studio–and buy yourself a bouquet of flowers to brighten working from home. Or, better yet, deliver a bouquet to someone who has to stay home (leave it on the front porch).
  • Respond to the 2020 Census invitation you likely just received in the mail!
  • Drop off supplies to the Sumner Food Bank. This is hitting everyone hard.
  • Try geocaching. It’s a good way to explore new places, even at home.
  • Visit a nursery–like Windmill Gardens or McLendon Hardware–and start working in the yard. (Next week is supposed to be sunny and warm.)
  • Treat yourself to bath bombs or lotions (everyone’s hands are really dry now) at a local boutique like Whispering Hills, A Picket Fence or Solei Day Spa, who just opened in Downtown Sumner!
  • Buy a theater ticket. Arts groups are currently shut down, so buy a ticket to a future performance. Try something new! Opera? Ballet? Musical? Why not?
  • Surf Travel Tacoma’s website and plan one new adventure at a museum and/or attraction you’ll try when this is all over.
  • Rent a cabin at Mt. Rainier and play in the snow with the kids.
  • Visit The Old Cannery to buy a new sofa since you’ll be home more. (Hey, the store is so big that social distancing will be easy.)
  • Have the kids design movie tickets and do a true night “in” at the movies with popcorn, candy and everything.

Anyone else need a nap? We tried to highlight a lot of our local businesses but couldn’t include them all. Keep exploring Sumner Downtown Promotion Association and the Puyallup-Sumner Chamber of Commerce for more links and resources.

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