We’ll miss the big leaf maple from Loyalty Park. It’s been sheltering picnics and play for decades. It already started declining in 1998, and the City took steps to extend its life another 22 years, but it couldn’t survive last week’s high winds. The Forestry Commission and Parks Department keeps an inventory of all trees in our urban forest and has plans for life-cycle and replacement. This is one reason we started our own Tree Nursery a few years ago on City land to buy smaller (cheaper) seedlings and grow them for future needs such as this one.

Sections of wood are available now for local woodworkers to make souvenirs. The tree’s wood is available in front of Scout Hall on the backside of Loyalty. Access via Boyd Avenue.

Please respect the following guidelines:

  • Load, haul and use wood at your own risk.
  • No guarantees on the wood’s condition for woodworking; this was a very old tree.
  • Not for firewood use.
  • Respect your neighbors and take only what you can use.
  • Not for commercial use/resale.
  • Practice all social distancing if collecting at the same time as others.
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