PROJECT TITLE:  CIP 15-02, WWTP Decant Facility Paving

Description of Work: This Contract provides for the paving of an area at the City of Sumner WWTP Decant Facility. The project includes excavating to subgrade, installation of the pavement section, restoration and also includes planting of screening trees to the northeast of the site all in accordance with the Contract Plans, the Contract Provisions and the Standard Specifications.

Project Location: The project is wholly located within the City of Sumner Wastewater Treatment Facility site.

Site Visit: Although not mandatory, the contractor is strongly encouraged to visit the site to make certain they are aware of all site conditions.  Please contact the Contact Person to schedule a visit if desired.

Bid Submittal: Bids must be submitted on the enclosed Proposal (Exhibit A) and be completed in the itemized format for each item of work and material required to produce the finished product(s).  This project is subject to sales tax.

 Bids must be emailed to the Contact Person no later than 2:00 p.m., Thursday, June 10th, 2021.

 A formal bid opening will not be held.  Upon selection of a contractor, a summary of all bids received for this project will be available on the City of Sumner website at

Contact Person: Ann Bustamante, Pollution Prevention Liaison. Office phone; 253-888-6302 or by email at

Apparent low bidder pending confirmation: Northwest Cascade, PO Box 73399, Puyallup WA

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