Sewer Smoke Testing

This summer, the City of Sumner will be conducting tests of the sanitary sewers throughout the city.  These tests involve blowing harmless “smoke” into the sewer to find where unwanted storm water enters the sewer.  As a result, you may see “smoke” coming from roof vents, building foundations, manhole covers and various other areas.  This Continue Reading

Combined Notice of Application and Decision PLN-2018-0003

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the City of Sumner Environmental Official has received a SEPA Checklist and application for the project described below. Project Name: Zoning Code Text Amendment – Drive-in/Drive-Through Businesses Permit Application No: PLN-2018-0003 Location: City-wide, Sumner, WA 98390  Description of Proposal:  Zoning Code text amendments to reduce restrictions on drive-through businesses in Continue Reading

Doing Business in Sumner

Some call us the best little town the Pacific Northwest has to offer, but don’t let our small-town charm fool you. Behind that friendly smile is an award-winning planned community, four freeway interchanges, commuter rail station and access to two major Pacific Coast ports…all waiting to serve your customers!  Give your business and employees the Continue Reading

Town Center Plan- SEPA Determination of Significance

Notice of Determination of Significance and Request for Comments on Scope of Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement A SEPA Determination of Significance has been issued for the Town Center Plan Update (PLN-2018-0039) DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSAL The proposal includes adoption of a Town Center Subarea Plan Update that would alter Future Land Use Map designations and Zoning Continue Reading

Mitigated Determination of Non-Significance

Project Name: WASHINGTON MARKET APARTMENTS Permit Appl. No.: PLN-2018-0020 Project No: PRJ2018-0002 Location: 15301 Main Street East- east of Fred Meyer. (Parcels #052019-7022, -7003, -7004) Description of Proposal: Construction of 108 apartments, 1,600 s.f. of ground-floor retail and a leasing office in 9 buildings on a 3.4-acre vacant site.  Buildings will range from 1-3 stories; development Continue Reading

Request for Bids

SMALL PUBLIC WORKS PROJECT  Bids are due by 11:00 a.m., Friday, May 25, 2018 Prevailing Wages Are Required To Be Paid REQUEST FOR BIDS Your firm expressed interest in submitting a bid on the above-named project.  Please examine the enclosed sample contract documents and contract specifications carefully so that you will be familiar with the Continue Reading

Police Week

PROCLAMATION Police Week & Peace Officer Memorial Day WHEREAS, law enforcement officers play an essential role in ensuring our safety and in safeguarding our rights and freedoms; and WHEREAS, our officers partner with citizens to keep our community as safe as possible, by enforcing traffic laws, proactive policing, and forming neighborhood watch groups; and WHEREAS, Continue Reading