In Person:  City Hall is open Monday through Friday, 8 am – 5 pm, except holidays as noted on the Calendar.

Utility Payments: you can pay in person at City Hall during regular hours or you can go online here to make a payment.

By Phone:  253-863-8300  (main line, see below for direct lines)


City Council


1104 Maple Street, Suite 200, Sumner WA 98390, 253-299-5500
Jason Wilson, Deputy City Administrator, 253-299-5501,
Jeff Steffens, Interim Administrative Services Director, 253-299-5591,
Carmen Palmer, Communications Director, 253-299-5503,
Lana Hoover, Community Engagement Specialist, 253-299-5781,
Michelle Converse, City Clerk, 253-299-5590,


Mailing Address: 1104 Maple Street, Suite 253, Sumner, WA 98390
Location: 12324 Valley Avenue East, Puyallup, WA 98372
Main number: (253) 299-5510
FAX: (253) 299-5519
Scott DeCarteret, Cemetery Administrative Manager,
Kevin Jorgensen, Cemetery Staff,


1104 Maple Street, Suite 242, Sumner WA 98390
Main number: 253-299-5610       FAX 253-299-5509
Andrea Marquez, City Attorney, 253-299-5610,
Christy Palmer, Assistant City Attorney – Prosecutor, 253-299-5611,
Noel Clark, Administrative Legal Assistant, 253-299-5610,


1104 Maple Street, Suite 250, Sumner WA 98390
Main number: 253-299-5530      FAX 253-299-5539
Ryan Windish, Community Development Director, 253-299-5524,
Eric Mendenhall, Senior Planner, 253-299-5526,
Ann Siegenthaler, Associate Planner, 253-299-5520,
Scott Waller, Assistant Planner, 253-299-5527,
Rick Kelley, Building Official, 253-299-5522,
Allison Judge, Permit Specialist, 253-299-5530,


1104 Maple Street, Suite 200, Sumner WA 98390
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Adrienne McNeilly, Human Resources Manager, 253-299-5593,


1104 Maple Street, Suite 240, Sumner WA 98390
Main number: 253-863-8300      FAX 253-299-5509
Kassandra Raymond, Chief Financial Officer, 253-299-5541,
Dori Franich, Interim Financial Services Manager, 253-299-5545,
Norman Shadlow, Finance Technician II, 253-299-5548,
Dan Turner, Finance Technician II, 253-299-5546,
Barb Hunt, Finance Technician II, 253-299-5540,


Justice & Municipal Center, 9002 Main St E, Suite 100, Bonney Lake, WA 98391
253-862-6606     FAX 253-862-3053
Timothy A. Jenkins, Presiding Judge


Our Parks Crew are busy out in the field. For initial questions, please contact
Derek Barry, Public Works Manager, 253-299-5714,


Allison Judge, Permit Specialist, 253-299-5530,
To schedule inspections, please call the 24-hour inspection line at 253-299-5530.
For more information on code issues, please contact the Building Official 253-299-5522 or


1104 Maple Street, Suite 140, Sumner WA 98390
Business Line: 253-863-6384   Tip Line: 253-299-5678
Animal Control: 253-299-PETS    FAX 253-299-5669
Brad Moericke, Chief, 253-299-5641,
Jeff Engel, Deputy Chief, 253-299-5644,
Mark Creley, Support Services Manager, 253-299-5642,
Marsha McGehee, Executive Assistant, 253-299-5640,
Other personnel 253-863-6384


1104 Maple Street, Suite 260, Sumner WA 98390
Main number (office): 253-299-5700        FAX 253-299-5539
Main number (Shops): 253-299-5740
Main number (Wastewater Treatment Facility): 253-299-5760
24-hour Stormwater Hotline (for spills): 253-299-5740
Mike Dahlem, Public Works Director, 253-299-5702,
Doug Beagle, Deputy Public Works Director, 253-299-5715,
Kathy Dorosz, Contract Administrator, 253-299-5700,
Joe Fessler, Associate City Engineer, 253-299-5704,
Jason Van Gilder, Associate City Engineer, 253-299-5703,
Michael Kosa, Associate City Engineer, 253-299-5709,
Andrew Leach, Associate City Engineer, 253-299-5711,
Scott Holten, Engineering Technician II, 253-299-5706,
John Morgan, GIS/CAD Specialist, 253-299-5705,
Greg Schwagerl, Engineering Technician II, 253-299-5707,
Andria Swann, Pretreatment Coordinator, 253-299-5713,
Derek Barry, Public Works Manager, 253-299-5714,
Kelsey White, Contract Administrator, 253-299-5701,
Mindee Weber, Public Works Specialist, 253-299-5710,
Robert Wright, Local Source Control Specialist, 253-299-5708,


15506 62nd Street Court East, Sumner, WA 98390
Main number:  253-863-2910                     FAX 253-299-5739
Angie Long, Program Director,