Sidewalks are a partnership between property owners and the City. Since its founding, Sumner’s goal has been to achieve a completed sidewalk system. Since then, many property owners have paid to install and/or repair their sidewalks over the years per City code. However, the City continues to find ways where we can help alleviate the burden of fixing/installing sidewalks as much as possible.

Latest News about Sidewalks

Snow in Sumner?

Like you, we prepare each winter for snow. Sometimes we get “Snowmageddon” and sometimes snow predictions just “flake out.” Either way, it’s better to be prepared. Keep in mind a few things about our response if it snows: We lay down de-icer before ice or snow and plow afterward.The map […]
Safety while walking, using a wheelchair, driving and riding a bike

Safety of Bikes, Pedestrians, & Drivers

Please brush up on basic safety tips to keep pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles moving safely through Sumner.  BICYCLES Wear a helmet (all ages). Avoid riding on the sidewalk in crowded business areas. Yield to pedestrians on sidewalks and in crosswalks. Wear lights/reflective gear if riding in the darks. PEDESTRIANS Look […]

Wood & Main Intersection

Design is underway to fix the intersection of Main Street and Wood Avenue. This intersection heralds back to the historic old town Sumner. Now, with street and sidewalk upgrades along Main Street, it is time to update this remaining gap for accessible and safe walking and vehicle use of the […]

Sidewalk Improvement Project

Sumner’s largest sidewalk fill-in and repair project begins this summer. Construction starts to fill in missing sidewalks, repair broken and cracked sidewalks and repair trip hazards. Driveway approaches will also be fixed if they are broken up or do not meet ADA standards as well as intersection curb ramps that […]

Sidewalks & Accessibility

Your sidewalk must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards to keep our system accessible to individuals whether they are blind, rely on a mobility scooter, use a wheelchair, etc. We realize many older sidewalks were put in place before these standards. We continue to use grants, our own sidewalk program and other options to help you fix issues with the actual sidewalk but there are other ongoing maintenance issues that you should always be aware of as well:

  • Do not park vehicles across sidewalks, blocking access.
  • Do not block sidewalks with signs, merchandise, artwork, furniture, etc.
  • Keep adjacent trees and shrubbery pruned back from the sidewalk. While you’re at it, be sure to keep water meters and fire hydrants also clearly visible and not blocked by bushes.
  • Keep sidewalk clear of snow and any other slipping hazards including but not limited to leaves, petals, fruit.
  • Pet owners, NEVER leave pet waste on yours or someone else’s sidewalk.

More about Sumner’s ADA Plan

Graphic showing tree  branches should be 12 feet above the roadway, 8 to 10 feet above sidewalks with shrubs not encroaching the sidewalk.
Guide for pruning shrubs away from roads/sidewalks.

Ongoing Maintenance

The general rule is that sidewalk repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the abutting property owner. For more on what constitutes repair and maintenance, and what the notice and enforcement requirements entail, please see Sumner Municipal Code 12.20.

Sidewalks and Snow

Again, it is the property owner’s responsibility for ongoing maintenance of sidewalks, not the City’s. When it snows, the City will clear sidewalks adjacent to our property only (parks, City Hall, etc.). It is the property owner’s responsibility to clear sidewalks in front of homes and businesses.

Sidewalks and Street Trees

When we plant a street tree, we add a root barrier to keep roots from growing under sidewalks. Unfortunately, we didn’t always do this practice with our older street trees. If you think a City street tree has damaged your sidewalk, please let us know. Although it may be our responsibility to fix the damage, it’s also your responsibility to let us know about it.

More about street trees and maintenance

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