Fund 166th/SR410 Interchange Design

We’ve done it once, and we need to do it again. With Traffic Avenue, Sumner demonstrated how smart cities can use State investments to build public-private partnerships funding WSDOT interchanges improvements for a fraction of what it would cost the State to fully fund in the future.

Vehicles throughout the region use the 166th/SR 410 interchange to access Lakeland Hills, Bonney Lake, Tehaleh, Orting, South Prairie, Buckley as well as Sumner. The interchange’s poor design has always been problematic, but now that it serves as an alternate to overcrowded SR162 and SR167, it is in critical need of improvements to the vehicular routes as well as the culverts underneath for Salmon Creek.

Fund $2.5 million for design that will help us seek grant funding to fix this interchange.

Support White River Restoration Projects

Your initial investment of $824,000 launched a comprehensive, collaborative fix to the lower White River that puts our environment and economy in partnership. Four companion projects will protect Pierce County’s largest manufacturing center with over 14,000 jobs and supply chains that support State-wide retail and at the same time build over 170 acres of habitat restoration, the largest in the Puyallup River Watershed. Total costs are estimated around $143,624,000 with approximately 48% already raised/committed from City, County and private support. Fund $15 million to complete design of the 24th Street Setback Levee, the largest habitat portion of the four projects.

Funding for Heritage/Recreation Projects

Especially looking toward 2021, we have two projects coming up for funding.

Rainier View Covered Playshed went through the Recreation & Conservation Office (RCO) grant process last year and scored high enough where full funding likely meant a go for the project. Because RCO’s request was cut in the budget, this important project that expands free recreation opportunities to youth and seniors in Sumner’s lowest-income area, lost funding. Please reinstate $500,000 in project funding.

Ryan House Restoration launches next year to restore the City’s historic Ryan House, located in Sumner’s historic downtown center. Originally a cedar pioneer cabin, later expanded into a Victorian farmhouse, the site served as the city’s library for 50 years and then home of the Sumner Historical Society for the past 40 years. The building needs extensive repair for saving and for better utilization as a tourism, heritage and economic development asset. Architectural Resources Group (ARG) conducted a feasbility and design study on how to renovate the building, improve accessibility, and explore adaptive reuse options to make it an active anchor to Sumner’s classic Main Street.

Other Topics Before You

  • Maintain Sales Tax Mitigation. Thank you for reinstating the sales tax mitigation funding for two more years. It is economically imperative to protect the entire supply chain, including our distribution and manufacturing area that employs over 14,000 people and drives retail–and sales tax revenue–across the state.
  • Improve city funding streams. Over 60% of our property taxes now go to school funding while a city’s financial structure remains broken. In Sumner, only 10% of property taxes fund city services, including public safety. We need complete cities to fully serve all ages, including children. Fully fund Public Works Trust Fund and give options such as tax-increment financing for flexible solutions.
  • Continue focus on increasing housing supply and affordability with local control. Sumner is adding hundreds of new units over the next few years including transit-oriented development, form-based code, and the option for affordable housing tax abatement in our Town Center. Please do not enact any new laws that force arbitrary zoning and unintentionally halt progress to use best planning practives for smart growth while maintaining the charm that attracts residents.
  • Balance I-976 repercussions. Our infrastructure needs and funding requests are based on revenue, but we understand voters have expressed their frustration over increasing taxes. Please help balance both to effectively and efficiently fund improvements while respecting the financial needs of our residents and businesses.

Thank you!

  • SR410/Traffic Avenue Interchange is under construction, expected completion in 2020.
  • Water Rights Solutions are on the horizon as we provide a test-case for the Foster fix.
  • Dialogue Group funding for the White River launched built a collaboration where there was previously contentious rifts between economy versus environment. The discussions formed a cohesive, mutualy beneficial plan that will set the standard across the nation for collaborative protection and restoration.

Contact Us

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Jason Wilson, Interim City Administrator, 253-299-5501,

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