Property Tax Rate

City portion is 8% of your property tax bill. Link to the Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer for information about your property.

In general, here’s where the rest of your property tax bill goes:

Chart of a dollar bill showing 18% of property tax goes to School District enrichment, 19% to School District bond, 4% to School District capital, 9% to East Pierce Fire Expense, 4% to East Pierce Fire EMS, 1% to East Pierce Fire Bond, 2% to Sound Transit, 3% to Library, 8% to State School Levy, 15% to Washington State, 8% to City of Sumner, 1% to Flood Control 7% to Pierce County, 1% to Port and 0.3% to Conservation Futures.

Sales Tax Rate

The total Sales Tax Rate in Sumner is 9.4%, paid by shoppers on non-food items purchased. Of this tax collected, 69% goes to the State of Washington, 15% to the regional transit authority (Sound Transit), 11% to City of Sumner, and 1% each to communication services, criminal justice, juvenile facility, mental health, and the zoo & aquarium.

The State of Washington has a sales tax look-up app.  Click here for more information

Picture of a dollar bill showing the percentages of where sales tax goes as outlined in text above.

Business & Occupation (B&O)Tax

Sumner does not have a B&O tax over and above the State tax.

Utility Fund Tax

6% paid by utility customers on their water-sewer utility, the refuse utility, and the storm sewer utility

Commercial Parking

15% gross proceeds any business charging for commercial parking

Lodging Tax

5% for facilities with 26 rooms or more/2% for facilities with 25 rooms or less goes to Pierce County for allocation to support tourism plus a 2% occupancy tax that goes to City of Sumner to support tourism and $0.50 per room night collected for Pierce County’s Tourism Promotion Area paid by guests of the hotel on their room bill.


Bingo and raffles 5% of gross receipts (except charities holding one event per year and earning less than $10,000); punchboards and pull tabs 5% of gross receipts; paid by business offering gambling at their establishment/event

Real Estate Excise Tax

0.25% of selling price paid by property owners to the Pierce County Treasurer at closing

Other State Taxes

Get more information from the Washington State Department of Revenue

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