The City of Sumner maintains approximately 125 lane miles of roadways including arterial and residential streets plus 12 traffic lights. Our goal for transportation is to provide an efficient and safe multi-modal transportation system to improve mobility for residents, employees, and visitors of Sumner while maintaining the small town quality of life within the City and supporting the economic vitality of the City.

Latest News about Sumner’s Roads

Traffic Alert

Pacific’s Stewart Road Closure

We received a Construction/Closure Notice from our neighbors in City of Pacific. They’re fully closing their portion of Stewart Road from the White River Bridge to Valentine Road (136th from Sumner) for approximately a month. The good news is that this is to widen their portion of Stewart Road. We […]

Region Recognizes Sumner, Mayor Bill

The Puget Sound Regional Council (PSRC) develops policies and coordinates decisions about regional growth, transportation and economic development planning within King, Pierce, Snohomish and Kitsap counties. PSRC is composed of nearly 100 members, including the four counties, cities and towns, ports, state and local transportation agencies and Tribal governments within […]

2022 Legislative Agenda

Sumner’s 2022 Legislative Agenda highlights ours city’s needs from the State of Washington including support for transportation projects, climate change & salmon recovery and police reform.

20mph: 6am-4pm in Sumner School Zones

20 mph speed limit in school zones

New Operations Facility

There’s the snow plows, the excavator, the bucket truck, the sand-bag machine, the electronic readerboard signs….Over the past few years, the City has invested in quality equipment to keep your water, sewer and road systems in good repair. Built in 2001, the existing City Shops facility has been out-grown for […]

166th/SR 410 Interchange

The State Route 410/166th Avenue interchange is a congested mess. Originally built in the early 1970s, this interchange serves regional commuters cutting through Sumner to avoid the SR 167 congestion and thousands of vehicles trying to access busy commercial areas. Beyond the usual congestion found at so many regional interchanges/routes, […]

Wood & Main Intersection

Design is underway to fix the intersection of Main Street and Wood Avenue. This intersection heralds back to the historic old town Sumner. Now, with street and sidewalk upgrades along Main Street, it is time to update this remaining gap for accessible and safe walking and vehicle use of the […]
White River in the summer

White River Restoration

In the center of the vibrant Puget Sound region, one stretch of the White River through Sumner poses challenges for wildlife, for infrastructure and for the regional economy. In 2015, the State of Washington invested $824,000 for Sumner to lead a dialogue group regarding a small stretch of the river. […]
Traffic Alert

Poles Moving on Sumner-Tapps

Starting July 20, 2021 Puget Sound Energy (PSE) crews will begin installing new poles along Sumner-Tapps Highway. The poles will be relocated to less hazardous locations within the right-of-way. Pole installation is expected to take approximately 1 month, followed by utility companies transferring their wires to the new poles. Finally, […]

Academy St. Bike Lanes

The Academy Street Bicycle Lanes project will develop an east-west bicycle corridor extending east from the Sumner Sound Transit Station to Wood Avenue. Improvements will be within existing right-of-way. Funding for this project is being provided by Sound Transit through their ST3 System Access Fund.

Stewart Road Bridge Funding

From Mayor Bill Pugh: Something momentous happened last week for Sumner. Did you notice? Likely not, unless you watch Pierce County meetings. Pierce County approved their portion of funding ($4.26 million) to replace the Stewart Road Bridge. It’s such a simple sentence that carries a 20+ year history. You see, […]

Future Plans

A number of planning documents shape the future projects for upgrading and maintaining Sumner’s roads. Those include

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