Our online utility bill pay system is currently down. The software vendor is looking into the issue. In the meantime, we will not proceed with shut-offs as scheduled for 2/28/23 and will update the timeline when the system returns. You can still pay by credit card, check or cash at City Hall.

Sumner is proud to provide excellent water, sewer and stormwater service.  Learn more about your account, these services and how together, we can carefully use the precious resource of water.

Latest News

Avoid the Penalty Box

Reminder: we have resumed the normal process of assessing penalties on late utility bill payments. The State of Washington had suspended this procedure along with shut-offs, through September 2021. We gave all our customers a grace period, especially to catch up accounts that were facing shut-offs, but now our procedures […]
Screen shot of the top third of a sample utility bill

Online Utility Bill Pay

The vendor running the online utility bill pay system is doing a two-part update of the system to fix a number of the challenges we’ve all experienced. However, to complete these updates, you’re going to have to re-register twice—once now and once in a few months—to keep paying your bill […]

Water Savings

Through our record-breaking hot, dry summer, Sumner’s water supply has been holding up well. We are VERY lucky. Although we’ve seen high use rates, right now, we remain in the “Every Day” stage. Yet, we never want to waste this precious resource. Should we ever need to go into conservation […]

Quick Links

Opening an Account

If you just moved, fill out the form online or give us a call to establish your utility account and begin service.

Closing an Account

If you are moving away, fill out the form to close your account. We will send you a closing bill after the final reading of your meter. Please give us a call if you have any questions.

Calculating Sewer Use

Sewer charges are calculated based on your winter water use and is updated each spring.  The City uses your winter water use to calculate sewer rates so as not to charge you for water used in summer for irrigation, which does not impact sewers.

Third Party Payment

There are independent online payment systems available through third parties such as Doxo and MoneyGram. These are not affiliated nor associated with the City of Sumner as an official payment site. The City is not responsible for payments lost or delayed by such third parties, including online banking systems. Should an independent site/ bank lose or delay sending your payment to the city, as has recently occurred, your account may incur normal penalties for missing/late payments that we cannot forgive even if you paid the third-party site on time.  If you’ve received a shut-off notice, please contact the City directly to discuss the best way to make sure your payment reaches the City in time.

Struggling with Payment?

While immediate payment is always the best remedy, if you are unable to make a payment at this time, please contact us at utilities@sumnerwa.gov or by phone at 253-299-5546. We can help. We can arrange a payment plan that assists you.

The City of Sumner is committed to keeping our customers connected to essential services during the COVID-19 pandemic emergency. If you are experiencing hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be eligible for support, including long-term payment arrangements or bill assistance. Our policies, consistent with state law, do not relieve customers from the obligation to pay for utility services.

Late Fees

Make sure you pay on time and avoid late fees!  Any bill not paid within 20 days of the billing date shall be assessed a penalty of five percent of the total outstanding balance with a minimum penalty of $15.00.  If the past due balance is less than $35.00, the penalty shall be waived.  Any account that is scheduled to have services disconnected for a delinquent bill will be assessed an additional $40 fee.

Once service has been disconnected for non-payment, the account balance must be paid in full including late fees and disconnection fees in order to restore service.  If full payment is made for an account after 4 pm, the service may NOT be restored until the following business day.


Billing Questions:  253-299-5546
Questions/problems with your water/sewer line:  253-299-5740
For after-hours water/sewer emergencies, still call this number and press 0 when you hear the message.


Garbage Service: view rates and contact information for DM Disposal.
Recycling: find ways to reduce, reuse and recycle
Puget Sound Energy: Contact for electricity and natural gas service.

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