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Similar to the more well-known Federal government structure, Sumner’s government is divided into three branches:

The Mayor is elected directly by the people, known as a “strong mayor” form of government, and oversees the executive branch of government, similar to how the President oversees all Federal departments. Sumner has a part-time mayor who employs a City Administrator to run day-to-day operations.

The City Council is the legislative, or policy branch of government. Seven members are elected at-large to represent Sumner citizens and set broad policy decisions.

Municipal Court is the judicial branch of government and oversees Sumner’s court of limited jurisdiction.

Office of the Mayor

    Mayor Bill Pugh was elected in November 2017 and is serving a four-year term through 2021. Mayor Pugh came to Sumner in 2008 to serve as its public works director. He had just retired from a full career in City of Tacoma as public works director and assistant city manager. He planned to spend about three years in Sumner.

    Instead, he fell in love with the city staff and the community. His planned-for three years turned into ten; he moved here, and he met and married his wife Karen here. He joined Sumner Rotary, serving for a year as its president; he serves on the Advisory Board for Sumner’s Gordon Family YMCA, and he’s helped raise money for the City’s Relay for Life team, helped build Sumner’s Daffodil Float, and raised awareness and funds for Exodus Housing by literally jumping into Lake Tapps in November.

    Contact Us

    Mayor Bill Pugh
    253-299-5590 (office of City Clerk)

    City Council

    Sumner’s Councilmembers serve at large, which means all seven represent every citizen throughout the City.  Your thoughts do not have to be reserved for meetings only.  Contact your councilmembers to let them know what you’re thinking about the future policy that guides Sumner.

    Barbara Bitetto, term 2018-2021,  253-299-5793
    Curt Brown, term 2020-2023,, 253-299-5796
    Josh Hamilton, term through 2021,,  253-299-5791
    Kathy Hayden, Deputy Mayor, term 2018-2021,, 253-299-5792
    Cindi Hochstatter, term 2020-2023,, 253-299-5795
    Charla Neuman, term 2020-2023,, 253-299-5797
    Patrick Reed, term 2020-2023,, 253-299-5794

    Councilmembers serve on committees to discuss topics extensively in advance of votes. The following councilmembers serve on these committees:

    American Rescue Plan Act: Councilmembers Hayden, Hochstatter, Reed and alternate Bitetto

    Community Development: Councilmembers Brown, Hayden, Hamilton and alternate Hochstatter

    Finance:  Councilmembers Reed, Bitetto, Neuman and alternate Hochstatter

    Public Safety: Councilmembers Bitetto, Brown, Hamilton and alternate Reed

    Public Works: Councilmembers Hochstatter, Neuman, Brown and alternate Hayden


    There are a number of ways to track and participate in the Council’s meetings.

    1. Items are discussed at length at Council Committee meetings or Study Sessions before being voted on later at a Council meeting. Track a topic earlier in the process for best input. Committee meetings and study sessions are open to the public to listen but don’t contain comment periods.

    Click here to check upcoming meetings on the calendar.

    Click here for upcoming and past committee agenda packets.

    2. Ask questions and share ideas early; don’t wait for the last meeting. Council meetings aren’t a forum for question and answer anyway. The best option for that is to ask questions of staff and/or council ahead of time.

    See above for Council contact information.

    Click here for staff contact information.

    Click here for Sumner Connects, a forum of our major projects/topics with the ability to get information and ask questions online.

    3. Stay in touch. Typically, Council Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of the month and Study Sessions the second and fourth Mondays of the month, all starting at 6 pm. Agendas are available online the Wednesday before a meeting.

    Click here to access upcoming meeting agenda packets.

    Click here to check the calendar for upcoming meetings.

    Click here to watch videos of past Council meetings online.

    Stream council meetings live right from their calendar listing.

    4. Speak up! At Council meetings, items under New Business will include a time for the public to comment. There are also formal public hearings for some items. And, use public comment to talk about anything not on the agenda. Items under Unfinished Business do not include a comment period because they already had a public hearing at a previously scheduled meeting.

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