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Any business conducting service or sales in the City of Sumner needs a business license. We use the Washington State Business Licensing Service (BLS) for business licensing services.

If you are a brand new business starting up in Sumner, follow the link to the State’s page and use the directions to complete your State Master License and your City of Sumner license.  Get started

If you are an existing licensed business coming into Sumner, follow the link to the State’s page and use the directions to add your City of Sumner license.  Get started

Washington State business license applications and renewals may be filed online or by mail with the Business Licensing Service. For more information, please view the Business Licensing Service website or contact them directly:

Website: http://bls.dor.wa.gov/ Phone: (800) 451-7985 Email: BLS@dor.wa.gov


Review the latest BLS fees.
In addition, a City of Sumner General Business License Fee is $50 per year.

City of Sumner business taxes, fees and exemptions are detailed in Sumner Municipal Code 5.04.

Business Licenses

The City will follow up with a letter requesting one or two of the following forms after the State notifies the City that you have applied for a City of Sumner business license.

Waste Water Discharge Pre-Form D: All businesses that have a facility located in Sumner need to fill out this form.  A few businesses will need to continue with more detailed forms.  Based on your information on this form, the City will contact you if further detailed forms are required. For most businesses, this form is all that is required.  Form to Download (pdf) 

FSE Survey: Complete this survey if your business serves food. Form to Download (pdf)

Home Occupation LicenseClick here (link)

Peddlers and Solicitors License

Apply at the City of Sumner Police Department — Click here to get started.

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