Events are a great part of Sumner. Some events are small enough to use existing spaces and resources. Others are large enough to require scheduling special use of City resources. We are here to help assist you to help balance the needs of your event with the resources owned by the citizens of Sumner as well as impacts your event will have on existing residents and businesses.

No Permit Necessary

  • All park spaces, including the picnic shelters, tables, barbecues, etc. are available on a first-come, first-serve basis only at no cost. Normal uses, such as birthday parties, family picnics, etc. do not require any kind of permit.
  • Events held solely on private property without use of large tents or impact to the normal use of surrounding roads or sidewalks do not require any kind of permit.

Events that Need a Permit

You should obtain a Special Event Permit if your event is held on City property, including parks, streets, sidewalks or City parking lots; if your event changes the normal, everyday use of this space for the public and/or includes major components such as structures (City power, large tents, special tables, inflatable bounce toys, etc.) or a band or amplified music.

Obtaining a Permit

For your permit, apply online anytime using our online Permit System. Applications must be submitted at least 60 days in advance. On the other side of this sheet is a list of all of the permit fees and the Special Events Costs and Services, but for a general party-type event, here is an example of what may be required:

  • City employee(s) at the event to set up and tear down barricades to reserve the space. They may also need to be on hand during your event for further services. For a small party with no other services, the cost would be the facility rental fee plus labor costs, traffic control, extra portable restroom rentals, or any other services or equipment fees that may be applicable.
  • If there is alcohol being served, you will require a banquet permit and you will need the area fully barricaded. More info at
  • With any event permit application, the City of Sumner requires a minimum limit of $2,000,000 of Commercial General Liability insurance. Even though there is no building, our code requires that the “City of Sumner” needs to be the Certificate Holder and an additional insured for the City of Sumner facilities.
  • A pre-event meeting with the event applicant and the City of Sumner staff will be held 30 days prior to the event to go over things like the layout of the area you want to use, power connections, or to answer follow up questions (such as if you’d want to pay for the portable toilets to be serviced prior, etc.).
Labor Costs– Prices listed in this section do not reflect permit costs, facility rentals, or any other costs associated with services or rental of equipment. Fees below to be paid for by the applicant at 50%.
Standard Police Officer Rates (1 hour min.)$62.00 per hour
Overtime Police Officer Rates (3 hour min.)$93.00 per hour
Standard Public Works Rates (1 hour min.)$43.00 per hour
Overtime Public Works Rates (3 hour min. after regular hours and on Saturdays)$60.00 per hour
Double-time Public Works Rates (4 hour min. on Sundays and holidays)$77.00 per hour
Main St. Public Restroom Cleaning Rates (1 hour min.)$25.00 per hour
Overtime Main St. Public Restroom Cleaning Rates (3 hour min.)$37.50 per hour

Facility Rental– Prices listed in this section do not reflect labor, barricade rentals, traffic control by Sumner Police Department, or any other costs or services affiliated with the rental of the facility.  Fees below to be paid for by the applicant at 100%.
City of Sumner Parking Lots:
#1- Mount Hood (Between North St. & Main St.)
#2- Delta Queen (off North St.)
#3- King Alfred (Ryan Ave. & North St.)
#4- Golden Ducat (Main St.)
#5- Cheerfulness (Main St. & Ryan Ave.),
#6- City of Sumner Employee Parking Lot* (Alder Ave. & Academy) *Available after City Hall hours only
$50.00 each per day
Rhubarb Alley$50.00 per day
Roads or Streets: Kincaid Ave. between Maple & Main, Cherry Ave between Maple & Main, Main Street—Kincaid Ave to Alder Ave, Main Street—Alder Ave to Ryan Ave, Bridge St. bridge, or other$50.00 each per day
Public Parks: Loyalty Park, Heritage Park (without street closures), Rainier View Park, Ryan House Lawn or other
$50.00 each per day
Equipment/Services– Prices listed in this section do not reflect permit costs, labor, facility rentals, traffic control by Sumner Police Department, or any other costs affiliated with services or rental of equipment. Fees below to be paid for by the applicant at 100%.
Street Sweeping (Please note: The City of Sumner may require street sweeping for large scale events or parades)$100.00 per hour
Extra Barricades$5.00 each
Connection to a City power box$10.00 per day
Access to City water (Available at #5 Main & Ryan parking lot only)$10.00 per day
Gray Water Dump Site$10.00 per day
Adjustments to Lock/Unlock Public Restrooms After Regular Hours$25.00 per event
Requests To Adjust Music on City Sound System

$25.00 per event
Promotional Banner– The banner hanging fee includes labor and equipment rental. Fee below to be paid for by the applicant at 100%.
Hang Promotional Banner (Banner supplement application required)$150.00 each banner

Permit Fees:
Applicants for special event permits involving city services shall pay 100% of any facility rentals (e.g. streets or parks), banner hanging fees, rental fees (e.g., extra barricades), equipment costs, and connections or services (if applicable). Applicants for a special event that requires staff at the event (e.g. police officers for crowd/traffic control, public works employees to close down a road) shall pay 50 percent of all labor costs (if applicable).

Updated Jan. 2022. Fees may be reviewed annually. (SMC 12.52.030)

You may also want to visit pages to view our park locations (link) and review park rules (link).


Lana Hoover, Community Relations Specialist

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