Our online utility bill pay system is currently down. The software vendor is looking into the issue. In the meantime, we will not proceed with shut-offs as scheduled for 2/28/23 and will update the timeline when the system returns. You can still pay by credit card, check or cash at City Hall.

Permit Issuance

  1. For issuing each permit.-$20
  2. For issuing each supplemental permit-$10

Unit Fee Schedule

(in addition to items 1 and 2 above)

  1. For each plumbing fixture on one trap or a set of fixtures on one trap (including water, drainage piping and backflow protection therefor)-$7
  2. For each building sewer and each trailer park sewer-$15
  3. Rainwater systems – per drain (inside building)-$7
  4. For each cesspool (where permitted)-$25
  5. For each private sewage disposal system-$40
  6. For each water heater and/or vent-$7
  7. For each gas-piping system of one to five outlets-$5
  8. For each additional gas piping system outlet, per outlet-$1
  9. For each industrial waste pretreatment interceptor inducing its trap and vent, except kitchen-type grease interceptors functioning as fixture traps-$7
  10. Far each installation, alteration or repair of water piping and/or water treating equipment, each-$7
  11. For each repair or alteration of drainage or vent piping, each fixture-$7
  12. For each lawn sprinkler system on any one meter including backflow protection devices therefor -$7
  13. For atmospheric-type vacuum breakers not included in item 12:
    1 to 5 -$5
    over 5, each-$1
  14. For each backflow protective device other than atmospheric-type vacuum breakers:
    2 inch (51 mm) diameter and smaller-$7
    over 2 inch (51 mm) diameter -$15
  15. For each graywater system-$40
  16. For initial installation and testing for a reclaimed water system-$30*
  17. For each annual cross-connection testing of a reclaimed water system (excluding initial test)-$30*
  18. For each medical gas piping system serving one to five inlet(s)/outlet(s) for a specific gas-$50
  19. For each additional medical gas inlet/outlet-$5

Other Inspections and Fees

  1. Inspections outside of normal business hours -$30*
  2. Reinspection fee-$30
  3. Inspections for which no fee is specifically indicated-$30*
  4. Additional plan review required by changes, additions or revisions to approved plans (minimum charge–one-half hour)-$30*

*Per hour for each hour worked or the total hourly cost to the jurisdiction, whichever is greater. This cost shall include supervision, overhead, equipment, hourly wages and fringe benefits of all the employees involved.-

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Allison Judge or Bonnie Knox, Development Services Specialists, 253-299-5530

To schedule inspections, please use the online portal. You will use the same login information you used to apply for your permit.

For more information on code issues, please contact the Building Official at 253-299-5530 or buildingofficial@sumnerwa.gov.

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