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Unfortunately, the Sumner Police Department is not able to accept unwanted ammunition.

Ammunition in this context refers to common pistol and rifle rounds which are used for activities like hunting or shooting sports. If you happen to locate what you believe is a piece of military ordnance such as a hand grenade or other explosive device, immediately evacuate to a safe distance and call 911.

Here are some suggestions for ammunition disposal which we hope might help:

  • Contact your local police department or Sheriff’s Office
    If you happen to live in another city, try to contact your local police department for suggestions. You may also contact your local Sheriff’s Office. For Pierce County residents, try the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

  • Contact your local gun shops, gun ranges, or ammo reloaders
    The component parts of a bullet can sometimes be reused by those with the legal skills, knowledge, and ability to do so. Check with local gun shops or gun ranges to see if they can take ammunition directly, or refer you to someone who can.

  • Contact recycling centers or other hazardous materials facilities
    Some recycling or hazardous materials facilities take ammunition, but contact them first to find out for sure.

Improper Disposal

Always dispose of ammunition responsibly and legally. Be mindful of unintended consequences. Improper disposal may be dangerous, illegal, and/or hazardous.. If you do give your ammunition to someone else, they must be legally able to possess it. Please always exercise safety and good judgment.

  • Do not throw ammunition away
    If ammunition has certain force applied to it (such as in a trash compacter), it is possible for the bullet to discharge and cause injury or death. The lead in bullets can also contaminate the ground or landfill it may end up in.

  • Do not bury ammunition
    Bullets typically contain lead or other metals which could leech into and contaminate groundwater or other sources which plants and animals (including humans) may come into contact with or ingest.

  • Do not place ammunition into a heat source or fire
    Ammunition may explode or discharge when exposed to heat, causing shrapnel to be expelled.

  • Do not soak ammunition in water or oil to in an attempt to render them inert
    Liquids may or may not penetrate the casing of the ammunition, and once-wet rounds can dry out, leaving them intact and fully-functional.

Contact Us

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Administrative Offices: 253-863-6384
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