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Fingerprinting Services Offered

The Sumner Police department provides fingerprinting services for new/original concealed pistol licenses (CPL), and also provides completed fingerprint cards to city residents for other purposes.  

Fingerprints are captured electronically via “LiveScan” machine and then printed onto standard FBI FD-258 “applicant” cards.  The printed card(s) are then provided back to the applicant.

We are unable to perform or provide the following services:

  • Submission of any fingerprints, physically or electronically, except for CPLs.
  • Ink fingerprinting
  • Printing onto cards other than a standard FBI FD-258 “applicant” card
  • Child fingerprinting – easy-to-use child ID kits which parents can complete themselves are available from many organizations/retailers

Residency Requirements

Fingerprinting services are limited to persons who reside within the Sumner city limits, or, the fingerprints must be requested by/for a business/organization physically located in the city limits.  Persons requesting fingerprints should be prepared to show proof of this requirement if necessary.

CPL applicants must reside within the city limits.  See our concealed pistol license page for more information.

Rejected Fingerprints

Due to a variety of factors, including age and occupation, fingerprints are sometimes rejected by the state and/or FBI due to poor quality.  We do our best to capture legible prints, but we cannot offer any guarantees.  

If you are concerned that your fingerprints may be difficult to capture and/or may be rejected, you may wish to utilize an alternate provider which specializes in fingerprinting techniques, such as the Washington State Patrol, or private fingerprinting businesses.  See below for alternate providers.

Fingerprinting Rules

Failure to abide by the following general rules may result in a cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment.

  • Fingerprinting takes place in a restricted area, and can only accommodate the person being printed.  Please leave non-service animals/pets or children at home and/or with a responsible adult.  They cannot be left unattended.
  • We cannot take your prints if you have cuts or injuries to your fingers which have not fully healed.
  • Please arrive on time and prepared with any necessary documentation, payments, etc.
  • We ask that you do not use hand sanitizer right before being printed, as this causes issues with the LiveScan.  We may ask you to wash your hands before being printed.


Fingerprinting Services Subject to Change Without Notice

Fingerprint appointments allow us to manage our time, however it is not a guarantee of service.  Police work can be very dynamic, with changes or disruptions occurring with little notice.  While we strive to keep on schedule, there are simply some times in which we must unexpectedly cancel appointments.  We try to contact those affected as soon as we can.

If you are concerned about these possible disruptions, you may want to consider an alternative fingerprinting provider.


Alternative Fingerprinting Providers

There are many entities which offer fingerprinting services beyond those listed below.  However, please check with providers directly as many also have their own specific requirements, hours, or other restrictions.  There may also be private fingerprinting providers or companies who may be able to perform similar services.

Washington State Patrol Identification Section(360) 534-2000
Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (school district applicants) – (360) 725-6135
South Sound 911 (Pierce County Sheriff’s Office) – (253) 287-4900

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