What can you do once you’re the victim of a crime to help minimize the incident’s impact on your daily life?  There are a few options:


This is a Washington State Information Network that can get you quickly connected with the resources that can help you–everything from Confidential Address Protection Programs to Victim/Offender Mediation Programs.  Get started by simply dialing 211 or clicking here for online options.

Victim Information & Notification Service

The Washington Statewide Victim Information and Notification Service will tell you if an offender is in custody and will give you other important custody information.  You may register for automatic notification when an offender is released, transferred, escapes or dies.  This service is completely confidential, and the offender will not know you are registered.  Click here to learn more or call 1-877-846-3492.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security Investigations have a similar Victim Notification Program for offenders who are not citizens.  Click here to learn more.

Resources for Victims of Domestic Violence

There are a number of additional resources for victims of domestic violence:

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