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This Stormwater Comprehensive Plan Update (Comprehensive Plan Update) has been developed to complement and amend the information presented in the City of Sumner Stormwater Comprehensive Plan, prepared by Parametrix, Inc. and adopted by the City of
Sumner (City) in January 1992 (1992 Comprehensive Plan). In addition, this Comprehensive Plan Update includes the results of stormwater planning performed in 2004 where such results are still applicable.

Several stormwater and surface water plans have been prepared for the City of Sumner.

Those plans are listed below.

  • Design Technical Memorandum Salmon Creek Culvert Replacement Project (Cosmopolitan 1999).
  • Draft Stormwater Quality Action Plan (KCM 1995).
  • Stormwater Comprehensive Plan (1992 Comprehensive Plan) (Parametrix 1992).
  • East Sumner Neighborhood Plan (City of Sumner 2001).
  • Storm and Surface Water Utility Development (URS Corporation 1986).

The major focus of this Comprehensive Plan Update is to:

  • Inform the City of the current regulatory programs that impact surface water management and land use as they relate to stormwater management decisions; and
  • Identify Capital Improvement Projects (CIPs) and opinions of costs at time of construction so that these costs can be incorporated into a rate and System Development Charge (SDC) study being prepared by others. CIPs identified in this Comprehensive Plan Update are from the Stormwater Capital Improvement Plan published separately.
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