Our online utility bill pay system is currently down. The software vendor is looking into the issue. In the meantime, we will not proceed with shut-offs as scheduled for 2/28/23 and will update the timeline when the system returns. You can still pay by credit card, check or cash at City Hall.

Loyalty Park Loo – Now Open

Great news for park visitors! The restroom facility at Loyalty Park, featuring the Portland Loo, is now open for use. We kindly request that everyone refrains from entering the designated lawn repair zone surrounding the restroom. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your time at the park!

Better Roads Ahead

At long last, Sumner is getting improved utilities & improved roads. We’re combining utility projects with road upgrades, so these areas serve us for decades without further work. But, there’s no way to improve roads without construction, which impacts drivers, pedestrians, residents and businesses in the short-term. Follow us through Read more…

Budget in Brief

We always recommend you review the full 2023-2024 Budget for specific details about funding, staffing and the projects that will happen because of this budget. This Budget in Brief gives you a quick overview of Sumner’s numbers and key strategies. Budget Process Budget Principles Strategic Priorities Staffing by Function Full-time Read more…

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