The leaves are falling, bushes and shrubs grew over the hot summer, and there are some yard care tips specifically to keep in mind during this time of year:

  • Do not blow leaves into the street. It clogs the street sweeper; it causes storm drains to flood roads; and it’s illegal! Rake or blow into piles and compost or use your yard recycling bin instead.
  • Trim back bushes and shrubs, especially around sidewalks and alleys. They all grew a lot with the wet spring and warm summer. It’s time to put them back “in their place” so that vehicles can get through alleys (including the garbage truck!) and people can get down sidewalks safely. Use the diagram below as a guide.
  • Do not top trees. Topping trees, especially street trees, so severely shortens the life of a tree that it’s actually considered an act of vandalism..