You may also be interested in our Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP) the list of projects being done, coming up, and on the “to do list.” Click here to take a look.

Traffic is something that has increased in Sumner over the years, not unlike other surrounding communities, due to growth and development. Sumner is a cross-road between several state highways and is also home to a burgeoning employment and industrial center. The growth in residential to the south and east of town has also increased pressure and traffic that we all experience. Street and road improvements are one of the most direct and visible ways that government helps improve the quality of life in a community. When a road is widened or intersection improved there is an immediate benefit. The transportation plan is based on a model of assumed growth in the community and surrounding areas. The model is calibrated and studied to determine what transportation improvements will be needed to maintain an acceptable level of service (LOS). LOS usually reflects delay at intersections or delay on a given stretch of road–the higher the LOS the less waiting and smoother flow of traffic.

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