Wet Paint Alert

Friday, July 30, and Tuesday, August 3, Stripe-Rite will be coming through Sumner, refreshing the paint on our lanes. Please respect the cones that indicate wet paint to avoid getting paint in other places.

Poles Moving on Sumner-Tapps

Starting July 20, 2021 Puget Sound Energy (PSE) crews will begin installing new poles along Sumner-Tapps Highway. The poles will be relocated to less hazardous locations within the right-of-way. Pole installation is expected to take approximately 1 month, followed by utility companies transferring their wires to the new poles. Finally, Read more…

Academy St. Bike Lanes

The Academy Street Bicycle Lanes project will develop an east-west bicycle corridor extending east from the Sumner Sound Transit Station to Wood Avenue. Improvements will be within existing right-of-way. Funding for this project is being provided by Sound Transit through their ST3 System Access Fund.

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