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Last night was an evening to remember. Our esteemed Mayor Hayden was honored with the opportunity to throw out the first pitch at the South Sound Titans baseball game – a moment both she and the team will undoubtedly cherish for years to come.

The Titans are no ordinary baseball team. Coached by our own devoted Sgt. Kurle, they’re a group of inspiring individuals who are making significant waves in the realm of baseball. This extraordinary team stands as a powerful testament to determination and resilience, with many of its players defying the odds related to autism and other disabilities.

Their impressive story recently caught the attention of Fox 13 News, conveying an inspiring narrative about overcoming obstacles and the power of community support. Their journey so far has been a remarkable one, demonstrating the triumphant unifying spirit of sportsmanship. You can learn more about the South Sound Titans story by reading this Fox 13 news story.

The commitment, joy, and positive spirit displayed by each player in the South Sound Titans lineup is not only resounding but is also a shining example of what sports are truly about. Their common, shared spirit for sports is simply unmatched.

Commenting on last night’s game, Mayor Hayden said, “To be given the honor to throw the first pitch… it’s a privilege I’ll cherish. The Titans are not just champions on the field, but heroes, inspiring us every day.”

Remember, every swing, every pitch, and every game brings us together. The South Sound Titans are a fervent reminder of this undeniable truth. If their story inspires you, consider supporting their upcoming fundraising initiative for an away trip to Arizona. Every single contribution, no matter how small, makes a significant difference.

Keep shining, South Sound Titans. Continue to inspire us with your strength, perseverance, and unwavering passion for the game!

You remind us all that with determination and a love for the game, anything is possible. Keep hitting it out of the park!

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